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Welcome to CapLo.
We are a group of friends who hang out.  We play pool, basketball, football, other stuff too!  We like making comedy skits.   We have know each other since 1996. In 2000 we decided to call our group CapLo.  That is when we started to film skits and movies.  
In 2005 we decided to make a hall of fame for CapLo. So in its initial year the Hall of Fame started up we inducted our first 9 members on Sunday April 4th 2005.
Lately we have been working Dan Brown who has started an animated internet cartoon on converstation he had with Rob Lowe. The cartoon is called KR47. So far to this date he has made ten of them.  They became so popular that we made a live action verison of it.

We are excited that we finaly have a web site up and running.

On this site you'll find information about our activities, along with descriptions of what CapLo does and Information on all of our Hall Of Fame Members We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for. If not Feel Free to E-mail us.

From film to Anything, we do it all!!!
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Our Hall Of Fame is Great

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